Befimmo’s Central building achieves Platinum certification from ActiveScore

2 October 2023
Sustainable mobility, smart infrastructure, better user experience

Every Befimmo building must provide an excellent user experience – not only in terms of facilities, but also in terms of accessibility. Sustainable mobility is crucial in achieving this goal.

Our commitment to helping users travel smoother, greener and more comfortably is now also being rewarded. Befimmo’s Central building in Brussels achieved the prestigious Platinum certification for its sustainable mobility infrastructure.

A new level in sustainable mobility infrastructure

The Central building was assessed based on 18 different criteria. This included the quantity and quality of active mobility parking spaces, accessibility, bicycle facilities, and facilities for individuals with limited mobility.

The excellent score demonstrates that Central sets a high standard when it comes to sustainable mobility infrastructure, and it is the users who benefit the most from this.

Encouraging active and eco-friendly transportation

By developing smart infrastructure for sustainable mobility, Befimmo reduces the barriers to choosing active and eco- friendly transportation. It has been proven that active mobility has a positive impact on the well-being of users and, of course, reduces the carbon footprint.

Users have access to quality showers, restroom facilities and changing rooms. We are helping them on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle with maximum comfort.

Continuously striving for innovation

We are particularly proud of this Platinum certification, but we are also looking ahead to the future. ActiveScore has made some suggestions for further improvement, which we will actively implement to ensure that Central remains a paragon of innovation.

This certification strengthens Befimmo's position as a market leader in the sector. It demonstrates that we proactively set the standard in sustainable real estate, creating work environments that serve as a positive force for a green future that excels in well-being and productivity.