Befimmo finalises the sale of mature properties

Review of the latest 2022 sales of the real estate company

23 Jan 2023
Maypole celebration: ZIN has reached its highest point

Early December the ZIN project reached its highest point of the shell construction phase: 110 metres or 31 floors.

21 Dec 2022

Who we are

The Befimmo Group, including Befimmo and its subsidiaries, sister companies and affiliates (hereinafter referred to as Befimmo) is a real estate investor, operator and developer and includes certain companies with the status of a Specialised real estate investment fund (FIIS/GVBF). Focused on offices and mixed-use buildings and coworking spaces, our high-quality and performant portfolio is located in growing BeLux city centres.

Befimmo aims to create, build & animate thriving work & life communities for a sustainable future. Our ambition is to create and operate high-quality, mixed-use projects in growing economic, academic and research hubs in BeLux. Our in-house coworking partner Silversquare and our partnership with Sparks will allow us to deliver tailor-made coworking spaces and meeting venues. We want to accompany our clients throughout their real estate journey, offering them an ultimate experience, as a one-stop-shop they can entrust with all their workspace needs and expectations.

Befimmo’s value creation priority is about offering integrated hybrid, sustainable work & life solutions answering to the major trends shaping the world of tomorrow. ESG criteria have become a natural extension to this strategy and drives us towards innovation.

It is worth about €2.7 billion and comprises 40 offices and mixed-use buildings and 10 coworking spaces.
More about us

Our work environments

Our buildings, offices, coworking and meeting spaces are all designed and developed with one goal in mind: to make working a productive and enjoyable experience.

Whether you are self-employed, a start-up, an SME, or a large company or institution, you will find a space to suit you at Befimmo.

We call them Befimmo Environments.

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Breathe at work

Breathe at work

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