• Finalisation of the integration of the Arts 56 building (22,000 m²) into the portfolio.
  • Start of the permit application process for the ZIN project.
  • Renovation of the Brederode Corner building: winner of the Be Circular Editions 2018 competition. The building (7,000 m²) is fully let two years before handover.


  • Strategic acquisition of Silversquare, leader and pioneer of coworking on the Belgian market.
  • Opening of a Silversquare coworking space in the Triomphe building.

Fair value of portfolio at 31 December 2018: €2,655.3 million.



  • Beobank, first major tenant of the Quatuor.
  • Befimmo concluded a strategic partnership with the Belgian leader in coworking, Silversquare.
  • Evolution of the company strategy based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Fair value of portfolio at 31 December 2017: €2,494.4 million



  • Capital Increase of €127 million
  • Price of the MIPIM “Best Futura Project Award” for the Paradis Express project

Fair value of portfolio at 31 December 2016: €2,512 million


Befimmo celebrates its 20-year anniversary

Asset rotation:

  • Acquisition of the Gateway building, let for 18 years to Deloitte

Fair value of portfolio at 31 December 2015: €2,388 million


Status change from Sicafi to public BE-REIT


  • Handover of the Paradis Tower in Liège, start of the 27.5-year lease with the Buildings Agency

Fair value of portfolio at 31 December 2014: €2,285.2 million