A unique combination: “When Silversquare and Befimmo meet, magic happens

Befimmo’s subsidiary Silversquare is known as the most active community of coworkers in Brussels with more than 300 events per year and over 1,300 members. It operates coworking spaces in the Befimmo portfolio and in third party buildings.

The combination of Befimmo’s offices and Silversquare’s coworking spaces offer you the full range of flexible work environments.

You get access to a local BeLux network of interconnected work environments, going from flex and dedicated desks to private office space that can be used on a membership and/or lease basis with flexible duration. Via events, pitches and brainstormings, communities are created between start-ups, scale-ups and small to large corporates. It’s a unique way to stimulate creativity, innovation and interaction between all kinds of companies and entrepreneurs.

Based on Silversquare's current development plan, the BeLux network should increase to more than 30 spaces (about 150,000 m²) by 2025.

For all Silversquare locations: Coworking locations

Silversquare Central

Rue Ravenstein 50-70, Cantersteen 39-55
1000 Brussels

A coworking in the center of it all.

Opening July 2021

SQ Central

Silversquare Kanal

Boulevard Baudouin 30
1000 Brussels

An immersive experience to wake up your senses and creativity. 

Opening in 2021

SQ Kanal

Silversquare Delta

Avenue Arnaud Fraiteur 15-23
1050 Brussels

Silversquare Delta is a spectacular coworking space designed by Lionel Jadot, the famous Belgian interior designer. 

SQ Delta