What we do.

Befimmo Environments.

Our buildings, our offices, our coworking spaces and our meeting centres are all designed with one thing in mind: making work a more productive and enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re self-employed, start-up, SME, big company or institution, we have the place you need to grow.

We call them “Befimmo Environments”.


Silversquare @Befimmo

Befimmo and Silversquare join forces to rethink the office real estate

Silversquare @Befimmo is aware of changing lifestyles and work patterns and wants to offer its members much more than just m² of office space. It plans to expand its presence in the Befimmo buildings, to offer their users the strengths around which Silversquare has built its position as a market leader in coworking, namely facilitation, emulation, team spirit and flexible spaces, and set up a network that offers more access to a diversity of workplaces.