Frameworks & Recognition

Befimmo has aligned itself with the most ambitious and complete tools and frameworks in terms of sustainable development, through the adoption of concrete targets, codes of conducts and conventions on environmental, social and governance level.


Read the COP21 Letter

Read the UN Global Compact Letter (2016-2023)

Read the UN Global Compact Letter (as of 2024)


Moreover, Befimmo won awards and obtained high scores for non-financial reporting. Here is an overview of the scores over the years:


1. Befimmo has integrated 15 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in its day-to-day business. SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) and 14 (Life below Water) were not considered as these SDGs are not directly or indirectly linked to Befimmo’s business.
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Befimmo pays particular attention to the reliability of the reporting process as well as to providing rigorous, accurate and transparent financial and non-financial communications. It has increased its participation in assessments in order to be as transparent as possible regarding its ESG criteria. Some of the questionnaires in which Befimmo participated are available in the publication list.

ESG questionnaires

Green Finance Framework

Befimmo announces the implementation of its Green Finance Framework in support of its strong commitment to ESG. The framework is a natural and logical extension of all sustainability and environmental actions the company undertakes. 

Under this framework, Befimmo, or any of its subsidiaries, may issue Green Bonds, Green Private Placements or Green Bank Financing to drive its sustainability targets. By doing so, Befimmo is anchoring sustainability into its financing activities.

Green Finance Framework

Second Party Opinion