- The ZIN project obtains building and environmental permits.

Asset rotation:
- Granting of a 99-year leasehold on the Blue Tower for a total amount of about €112 million, with a net capital gain of some €22 million on the investment value.
- Disposal of the Media, Guimard, Froissart, Schuman 3 and Schuman 11 buildings. Based on investment value the transactions generated an overall net capital gain of some €35 million.

Introduction of our Breathe at Work label.

Befimmo announces its partnership with Co.Station (a unique innovation and entrepreneurship platform) and becomes its privileged real-estate partner. 

Befimmo joins the community of the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action, founded by The Shift and WWF. Together with 52 other Belgian companies, Befimmo is committed to reducing its CO2e emissions by introducing Science Based Targets (SBT).

Befimmo celebrated its 25th birthday.

  • Fair value of portfolio at 31 December 2020: €2,714 million


  • Befimmo completes the largest rental transaction on the Brussels office market since 10 years. It wins the public contract organised by the Flemish Government. The 70,000 m² of office space in the ZIN project is entirely pre-let. The 18-year lease will commence in 2023. The ZIN project won the “be.exemplary 2019” award, organised by the Brussels authority (“Urban.brussels”) in the category “Large private projects”. 
  • Paradis Express: Befimmo and Matexi (residential developer) signed a cooperation agreement for the transfer of part of the land (0.6 ha) to be developed by Matexi who will handle the development of the residential spaces, shops and hospitality businesses.

Asset rotation:

  • Disposal of the Pavilion building, located in the Brussels CBD (Leopold district), generating a capital gain of €10.0 million (€0.39 per share) in relation to the fair value as the fiscal year opened.
  • Acquisition of the Loi 44 building, adjacent to Befimmo's Joseph II building it offers great potential for value creation.


  • Opening of the Silversquare Zaventem coworking space in Ikaros Park.

€69 million raised following the private placement of 1,266,300 treasury shares.

  • Fair value of portfolio at 31 December 2019: €2,788.6 million.


  • Finalisation of the integration of the Arts 56 building (22,000 m²) into the portfolio.
  • Start of the permit application process for the ZIN project.
  • Renovation of the Brederode Corner building: winner of the Be Circular Editions 2018 competition. The building (7,000 m²) is fully let two years before handover.


  • Strategic acquisition of Silversquare, leader and pioneer of coworking on the Belgian market.
  • Opening of a Silversquare coworking space in the Triomphe building.

Fair value of portfolio at 31 December 2018: €2,655.3 million.



  • Beobank, first major tenant of the Quatuor.
  • Befimmo concluded a strategic partnership with the Belgian leader in coworking, Silversquare.
  • Evolution of the company strategy based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Fair value of portfolio at 31 December 2017: €2,494.4 million



  • Capital Increase of €127 million
  • Price of the MIPIM “Best Futura Project Award” for the Paradis Express project

Fair value of portfolio at 31 December 2016: €2,512 million