Breathe at Work

In the current health crisis, we’re all experiencing a new reality. At Befimmo, we see the coronavirus as an opportunity that challenges us to think more deeply about the evolution of our working environments. 

That’s why Befimmo is launching its brand new concept, Breathe at Work

Breathing is something most of us do without thinking. But did you know that more than 80% of the population get it wrong? 

Good breathing helps reduce stress, nurtures calm feelings and does wonders for your daily wellbeing. So it’s time to learn to breathe more easily. And Befimmo wants to help its tenants and all the other users of its buildings to do just that. 

With Breathe at Work, we’re helping everyone to breathe more freely in their working environment. We work hard to provide a positive, stress-free, COVID-safe workplace where the safety of our tenants is always our priority, and we can all welcome customers and suppliers in secure surroundings.  

To help prevent infection in the office, we’re implementing a range of measures – from everyday practical things like disinfectant gel dispensers, signage, and posters, to sophisticated systems such as automatic temperature measurement. Each of our buildings is different and comprises different zones, and different buildings require specific measures. It’s like having a tailor-made suit, but for Covid – not quite as beautiful and elegant, but still great to have. 

We also have a charter that summarises our responsibilities and those of our users. Because just as you need two lungs, Befimmo also needs its tenants, and all our other building users, to help provide a safe and responsible working environment. If you’d like to know what’s in the charter you can consult it here.

Breathe at Work is about nothing less than wellbeing in the workplace. With Breathe at Work we hope to offer all our building users a place that feels almost as good as home.