Befimmo at a glance

The Befimmo group, including Befimmo Group SA and its subsidiaries, Befimmo Real Estate Group SRL and its subsidiaries, FinDvp SRL and its subsidiaries, and their sister companies and affiliates (hereinafter referred to as Befimmo) is a real estate investor, operator and developer and includes certain companies with the status of a Specialised real estate investment fund (FIIS/GVBF).

We aim to create, manage and build thriving work & life environments and animate communities for a sustainable future.

Our high-quality, performant and mixed-use portfolio is located in growing Belux city centres. It is worth approx. €2.8 billion and comprises 36 office and mixed-use buildings and 12 coworking spaces, totaling approximately 862,000 m² of space. Our in-house partners Silversquare and Sparks for bespoke coworking spaces and meeting venues are now complemented by Not A Bike Shop (NABS), our new avant-garde architecture and object design practice.

Our hybrid offer includes traditional leases, fully flexible solutions, a mix of both, and our projects to come include work & life hubs. This network of hubs and the community that goes with it allows us to combine spaces in ways that promote creativity, innovation, and encounters. Our user-centric business model is about operating inspiring spaces and related services and facilities in sustainable buildings. Both the ever-changing needs of the world of work and the significant growth in ESG criteria dictate our action and drives us towards flexibility and innovation.