Supply chain

As Befimmo’s sustainability strategy is fully integrated in its global business strategy, Befimmo is determined to further integrate this sustainability approach into its supply chain, suppliers being an integral part of it.

Therefore, a supplier code of conduct has been drafted and transmitted to its suppliers to clearly communicate the commitments the Company expects from them. Adherence is now included in the standard terms and conditions required of all suppliers.

Supplier Code of Conduct

As a real-estate operator, Befimmo's activities require substantial quantities of purchases of goods and services. Most of the purchases of goods are related to real-estate projects and mainly concern the purchase of building materials. The principles of the circular economy have been integrated into the quality matrix.

Since 2017, the environmental impact is integrated into the minimum technical requirements for buildings, which we apply to all renovation or construction projects, and to operational assets. Most of these requirements exceed existing standards and regulations.

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