Executive Committee

Within the framework of the strategy and the general policy defined by the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee ensures the effective leadership and management of the operational activities of the Company.

The mission of the Executive Committee is:

  • To make proposals to the Board of Directors in terms of strategy and general policy;
  • To execute the strategy defined by the Board of Directors;
  • To ensure the operational management of the Company and to report on this to the Board of Directors.

The Executive Committee is composed of three members: Mr Jean-Philip Vroninks, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Philippe Berlamont, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and  Mrs Martine Rorif, Chief Development Officer (CDO).

The Executive Committee leads a team of 89 staff members

Download the terms of reference of the Executive Committee

Jean-Philip Vroninks
Jean-Philip Vroninks

Chief Executive Officer*



Philippe Berlamont
Philippe Berlamont

Chief Financial Officer*


*through Phirema SRL/BV

Martine Rorif
Martine Rorif

Chief Development Officer