ESG is fully integrated in Befimmo’s strategy. Befimmo has identified and prioritised 15 environmental, social and governance priorities (consult our materiality matrix), which are grouped into 3 categories of commitments:

  • Provide and rethink workspaces
  • Transform cities
  • Be responsible


Our external and internal stakeholders are the driving force for Befimmo’s evolution and activities

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Transform cities

We are a major player in how cities are evolving and transforming, through the integration of open services for communities in our buildings and investment in better accessibility solutions.

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Provide and rethink workspaces

Befimmo needs to provide quality assets for its tenants, and build communities by offering facilitating services and extending the coworking network.

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Be responsible

Befimmo must be an example for others and act responsibly on environmental, social and governance issues.

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Transverse means

Digitalisation and innovation are important means to develop our vision and strengths.

As a user oriented company, they will pay a major role in the achievement of our 2030 action plan objectives.

External trends an drivers

Our commitments are permanently challenged by a set of external trends, which might influence

Befimmo's business and decision-taking at all times.

We are the result of each and every one of them.