Befimmo gives a second life to more than 2 ton of construction material!

28 February 2020

Befimmo collaborated with BatiTerre (a Brussels company that reuses building materials) in the dismantling and recovery of reusable building materials, in order to integrate circular economy solutions in the renovation process of the Ikaros and Blue Tower buildings. Thanks to this collaboration, Befimmo was able to give a second life to more than 2 ton of material and thus proactively reduce the volume of waste from the construction sites.

Ikaros and Blue Tower: two recycling sites

BatiTerre’s intervention precedes the work of the demolisher. The company dismantles, transports, reconditions and stores all kind of reusable construction materials for resale on the second-hand market. 

The ‘recycling process’ on the Ikaros site lasted one week. The first three days were spent dismantling the material and preparing it for transport. The last two days were dedicated to evacuating and transporting the materials to the BatiTerre storage site. The 'recycling process' of the Blue Tower took one day.

Carpet tiles, ceiling tiles, exterior fences, lighting fixtures, sockets, boilers, doors, sinks, cabinets, etc., were used for the recycling. These two operations led to the recovery of more than 2.5 tons of building material!

Befimmo was delighted with this collaboration. BatiTerre carried out its operations in a clean and efficient way, in accordance with all the prescriptions indicated by Befimmo. We hope to repeat this experience in the near future!

Some concrete examples of the new life of some elements of the Ikaros and Blue Tower construction sites: