Befimmo is active throughout the real estate value chain and focusses on two key activities:

  1. Real estate operator
  2. Coworking

On the real estate operation side, we are active in: 

  • Asset management: we proactively manage our portfolio in order to maintain a high occupancy rate, taking account of the characteristics of the property, commercial relations and user centricity, digitalisation, and the environment;
  • Asset rotation: we ensure a high-quality portfolio, by investing in flexible office buildings in good locations with value-creating potential, while divesting where we can crystallise the value of mature buildings or where buildings no longer fit our strategy;
  • Asset redevelopment: After the end of a first life cycle, the properties we keep in the portfolio on account of their central location and intrinsic quality, are transformed into innovative and value-creating projects with a focus on sustainability and user needs. By doing so, we create quality workspaces while securing attractive returns.

On the coworking side, we provide workspaces as a service. We focus on facilitating enterprises, entrepreneurs, and their teams - the connective tissue of society. We embrace new ways of working, and foster collaboration by:

  • providing a full range of services and facilities in all our buildings;
  • investing in the development of a network of flexible workspaces with our subsidiary Silversquare;
  • enriching this offer with the strong value proposition of a full hybrid office model that includes meeting centres;
  • entering the innovation and ecosystem management universe through our partnership in Co.Station Belgium