Maypole celebration: ZIN has reached its highest point and that was cause for celebration!

21 December 2022
Early December the ZIN project reached its highest point of the shell construction phase: 110 metres or 31 floors. Befimmo kept up the tradition of celebrating this moment. A maypole was planted at the highest point and a thank-you lunch was organised for all construction workers and other parties involved.

Planting a maypole: a centuries-old tradition

Planting a maypole is a centuries-old tradition that occurs across Europe and that was adopted by the construction industry. The maypole symbolises prosperity and fertility for the buildings’ future residents: may the building be as strong as a tree. In the construction industry this celebrates the conclusion of the shell construction phase when the highest point is reached.

After two years of hard work, ZIN reached this point in December 2022 and a maypole was placed at the highest point. For the ZIN project in particular, the significance of the maypole even extends beyond the tradition as the freshly planted tree will be integrated into the new building’s green interior.

Major celebration event

To celebrate this moment and to thank every member of the ZIN team, Befimmo organised a major event on 16 December. Over 600 guests enjoyed a festive lunch on the first floor of the central volume. The guest list included construction workers, partners, (sub)contractors, architects, future users... It was quite chilly but nothing could dampen the party mood!