Number of shares (declared) 
Date of the statement (in%)
Ageas and affiliated companies 2 647 540 27.09.2016 10.4%
AXA Belgium SA 2 741 438 27.09.2016 10.7%
BlackRock Inc. 769 229 13.12.2016 3.0%
Other shareholders under the statutory threshold 19 421 007 13.12.2016 75.9%
Total 25 579 214   100%


Based on the transparency declarations or based on the information received from the shareholder. Befimmo is not aware of the existence of shareholder agreements.


Without AXA Belgium SA & Ageas and affiliated companies. Estimation made by Nasdaq OMX as at 30/09/2015 and based on 14,202,178 shares identified.


Transparency declarations

The Company introduced a statutory declaration threshold of 3% for the application of the legal rules relating to notification of large holdings in issuers whose shares are admitted for trading on a regulated market. Above this threshold, the legal thresholds of 5% or any multiple thereof are applied.

Every crossing, whether upwards or downwards, of these thresholds shall be notified to Befimmo and the FSMA. Please visit the Shareholding page on the FSMA website for additional information on that matter. 



The transparency declarations must be submitted to:


Transparency notifications

BlackRock Inc. - 13.12.2016

Ageas and affiliated companies - 06.02.2015

AXA Belgium SA - 25.11.2014