About Befimmo.

Sustainable buildings, contemporary office spaces and a broad, coherent range of services help to make Befimmo a key player in quality working environments.

These Befimmo environments are located in Brussels, the other Belgian cities and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

At 31 December 2019, the fair value of its portfolio was €2.8 billion.

Setting an example

Befimmo is a real-estate operator specialising in quality office buildings. With a property portfolio of more than 900,000 m², Befimmo has the opportunity to engage its stakeholders in a responsible approach.

Befimmo has decision-making power over many of the real-estate projects it develops. This allows it to have a positive influence on the choices and decisions of its partners (architects, subcontractors, suppliers, public authorities, investors) so as to meet the expectations of society.


Befimmo intends to use its influence in a beneficial way to meet the expectations of society and, more generally, to make a positive contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.