About Befimmo.

Sustainable buildings, contemporary office spaces and a broad, coherent range of services help to make Befimmo a key player in quality working environments.

These Befimmo environments are located in Brussels, the other Belgian cities and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

At 31 December 2019, the fair value of its portfolio was €2.8 billion.

Integration into the city

Every building is part of a community, an environment. Befimmo aims to ensure that every building in its portfolio integrates harmoniously into the neighbourhood where it is located, in terms of its architecture, the pooled services it offers and the activities taking place inside.

In this context, Befimmo reaffirms its commitment to meet the expectations, firstly, of its occupants, offering them an environment that is open to multifunctionality, evolving work spaces and business networks and, secondly, of the outside community by designing buildings that are open to the city and thus contribute to security, by exploiting less-used spaces such as roofs, large entrance halls, etc.

The Company is also looking for an efficient and sustainable user of the urban space. The challenges for Befimmo are also to upgrade underused spaces, dedicate them to new functions, leave more space for green and recreational areas, transform classic spaces into inspiring spaces.

Aware that its approach is sometimes limited by urban planning regulations, the location of certain existing buildings or a property’s specific constraints, etc., Befimmo advocates responsible urban development.



Befimmo’s objective is to devise a new vision for its renovation and/or construction projects. It believes that they must be integrated as part of a sustainable  and human ecosystem. This is why it will ensure that it is listening to stakeholders active in the environments in which these projects are located.