Mission & vision

Our mission

Our mission is to provide real estate solutions for our clients, inspiration for our teams, and sustainable value to our shareholders.

The buildings we buy, renovate, build, or lease are here to last. Our strategy has always been to understand the office world we live in and to shape the changes ahead. 

Our mission is no longer simply to provide office spaces. Our users are choosing a partner, not just a building. 

We are not simply experiencing change. We are changing experiences.

We actively try to have a positive impact on the world of work, with our 2030 action plan and via our three commitments:

Our vision

Befimmo aims to create environments where people can work, meet, share and live.

Our ambition is to develop a Belux network of workspaces for all types of user, whatever their scope or size. We want to support and facilitate the working life of enterprises, entrepreneurs, and their teams, large and small, to be a partner in growth, and to facilitate evolution in a flexible way.

We are developing a high-density network aligned with the local economy and leveraging our hybrid offer with its mix of workspace permutations. Our goal is to become a one-stop-shop that offers organisations and businesses different office combinations fully in line with their needs and provides the full range of solutions for tomorrow’s hybrid work environment.