About Befimmo.

Sustainable buildings, contemporary office spaces and a broad, coherent range of services help to make Befimmo a key player in quality working environments.

These Befimmo environments are located in Brussels, the other Belgian cities and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

At 31 December 2019, the fair value of its portfolio was €2.8 billion.

Mission & values

Our mission

Today, speed, flexibility, openness to change are key to continue providing value to one’s clients, inspiration to one’s teams and sustainable growth to one’s shareholders.

Sharing, inspiring, changing, determines who will still be around tomorrow. The buildings we buy, renovate, build, lease are here to last. Indeed, our strategy itself has precisely always been to understand the office world we are living in and to shape its change ahead.

Our teams are driven, engaged, responsible, open and determined to work at tomorrow’s working world. Our positive outlook, trust in people and executional thoroughness allow us to continue delivering value in real estate. The ways in which we will deliver this value are changing.

Today, our mission is not only to provide offices, surfaces. Our tenants are customers choosing a partner rather than a building. Our buildings themselves are increasingly experiential locations where people not only work, but meet, share, live. We call them Befimmo Environments.

We are not experiencing change. We are changing experiences.


Befimmo Open Minds, Open Spaces.

Befimmo's founding values

  • Professionnalism


    We give every project, regardless of its size, all the attention, thoroughness and professional dedication required to bring it to fruition in line with best practice.

  • Commitment


    The team’s dedication to Befimmo means that everyone has a high level of involvement in their work, team and projects.

  • Team Spirit

    Team Spirit

    Each member of our team works in a spirit of solidarity and shared responsibility, and is driven more by achieving common goals than by personal success.

  • Humanity


    We work with an enthusiastic approach that is resolutely human, caring, open and respectful of individuals.