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We believe in productivity and wellbeing! That's why our work environments provide a full range of services in order to facilitate your life.

Through the tenant centre the tenants can access different communication and management tools: Helpsite, Extranet and Telemonitoring.


The Helpsite is a service offered to all Befimmo tenants. Through the Helpsite a tenant has the possibility to monitor an enquiry that he previously submitted via the system. The tenant can, at all times, access the status of the enquiries and is able to communicate with Befimmo by means of comments. An enquiry can easily and rapidly be submitted on the Helpsite. 

Please use the Helpsite from Monday to Friday between 8AM and 5PM in order to garantee our rapid respons.

In case of urgencies, please contact our helpdesk by phone : +32 2 679 37 50 (available 24/7).

For more information consult the FAQ and User Guide

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The Extranet is a new digital space dedicated to all Befimmo tenants. This platform gives the tenant a user-friendly and secured access, at any time, to all useful documents and news about his lease and his building (such as documents relating to its environmental impact and technical management).

Please note that the service will gradually open its doors to all our tenants in the coming months. Are you interested in this new service and/or do you want to be amongst the first tenants to benefit from it? Then leave us a message at  and we will reply shortly.

For any further information, please consult the User Guide or contact us at the aforementioned address.


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Tenants have access to their energy consumption data. For tenants who have not yet secured access, please send us an email at the following address:

Do you have a question related to environmental or energy performance? Contact our Environmental Technical Team:

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