Use of resources

Befimmo is sensitive to the expectations of its stakeholders and is aware that its environmental impact affects all levels of its business and value chain.

In this sheet, the following themes are described:

  • the impact management linked to energy and water consumption
  • the approaches for responsible procurement
  • the approaches for circular economy


Water, energy, CO2e emissions

Befimmo is investing to reduce the environmental impact of the management of its property portfolio. It aims to continue marketing and offer its tenants high-quality environmentally friendly buildings.

Responsible procurement

In 2019, Befimmo will continue to extend the adoption of its responsible procurement charter to its suppliers. It also aims to improve continuously its environmental criteria and ensure their compliance for all purchases.

Circular economy

The short-term goal is to limit waste production and decrease the use of resources. In 2019, Befimmo will continue to be proactive in material and furniture recovery for all of its building sites and when tenants leave.