Waterloo Office Park

The Waterloo Office Park is located in the Walloon Region (Brussels suburbs), a few steps away from the Ring Road, junction Waterloo, in an outstanding setting which provides a good quality of life. 

The building houses an agency of Fortis and its offices.

Total area: 
2 005 m²
Available as from: 
114 m²
Up to: 
Number of storeys: 
Construction date: 
Renovation date: 
Number of parking spaces: 

More information

Dagmar Speeckaert


Flexible meeting rooms
Bicycle racks


Technical features of the building: 
  • Concrete structure
  • Outside facings in brick and stone
  • Sloping roofs of earthenware tiles with overlapping integrating exterior façade lighting
  • Outside joinery made up of enamelled aluminium, with thermal insulation equipped with double glazing
  • Office areas fitted with false ceilings and recessed luminaries
  • Cold/hot fan-coil units
  • Wear-resistant floor with casings, covered with wall-to-wall carpet
  • Vast private and common green spaces planted with trees.

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