Welcome to De Standaard in their new offices in the Central Gate

23 October 2020
Beginning October, Befimmo welcomed the "De Standaard" team in its prestigious Central Gate building. The editorial staff of the Flemish newspaper “De Standaard”, part of the Mediahuis Group, had decided to leave its former headquarters in Groot-Bijgaarden and move to the centre of Brussels.

This strategic move was an obvious choice for Karel Verhoeven, editor-in-chief of the Standaard:  “We are now a stone’s throw from the major decision centres of the government (and we have plenty of those in Brussels!), Europe, business, and civil society. Having a quick coffee and a chat with the Minister doesn’t take half a day anymore. All this is made much easier by our strategic position: on a mobility hub in the centre of the capital.”

The arrival of De Standaard in the Central Gate building is a confirmation of Befimmo's long-term investment strategy. The building has been part of its portfolio for more than 20 years and perfectly represents its strategic vision: investing in quality buildings in city centres and near major mobility crossroads.

The building is currently being renovated. Oliver De Wael, Senior Contract Manager at Befimmo, explains the metamorphosis of the Central Gate: "In order to meet the demands and expectations of office tenants we have provided the Central Gate with the most modern facilities. In addition, a coworking space of more than 7,000 m2 will open in 2021 in the building, allowing us to offer the full range of real estate services to our customers. It’s a fact that of the 12,000 m² we had available at the beginning of 2019, only 2000 m² are still available on the market.”