Sparks, the new one-stop shop for meetings, launches in Brussels

23 November 2021
Befimmo supports new Brussels start-up

Sparks, the start-up launched by five Brussels entrepreneurs, aims to help businesses meet and even beat their meeting objectives. Outdated meeting routines and infrastructures no longer satisfy the needs of modern businesses. Sparks aims to tackle this problem by offering a special meeting environment featuring not only innovative meeting rooms, but also a range of complementary services and professional support.

The recipe for a succesful meeting

Thanks to Sparks’ innovative philosophy, futile and time-consuming meetings are a thing of the past. Martin Vanderborght, co-founder of Sparks, explains: “The present context forces companies to reconsider their frequency and methods for meetings. They are required to hold their meetings differently: less often, but better. In other words, a simple meeting room is no longer enough. To make a difference, a meeting requires a specific context according to a precise meeting objective, the appropriate space, additional services, and the support of a dedicated team of specialists. Sparks offers an environment designed to fuel dialogue, stimulate collaboration and help companies not only to meet their meeting objectives, but also to beat them.”

14 ‘state-of-the-art’ meeting rooms

At Sparks there are specific meeting rooms for specific purposes, whether it’s an (in)formal meeting, spontaneous brainstorming session, conference, livestream, or hackathon. The start-up has fourteen brand-new meeting rooms, each unique in terms of function and design: the place to be for meetings for up to 250 people. The 2,500 m² space at Sparks also contains an events area, kiosks, and a restaurant with an array of energy-boosting goodies.

Besides its facilities, Sparks also provides support packages, typically meeting services and professional assistance, to take meetings to a higher level.

The team of specialists at Sparks comprises five Brussels entrepreneurs: Martin Vanderborght, Monia Chatzipanagiotis, Olivier d’Yve, Alexandre Ponchon and Axel Kuborn. The latter two are co-founders of Silversquare, while the others between them boast ten years of experience with the pioneer in co-working spaces. Together they form a dedicated team of experts, making Sparks a veritable one-stop shop for meetings.

Befimmo as a strong partner

Besides this valuable expertise from Silversquare, Sparks can also count on the support of Befimmo, who has become a partner in this start-up. “With the launch of Sparks, we are continuing our investment in solutions for future working. We are building further on a hybrid working world, which makes the lives of employees easier. In doing so, we are creating an ecosystem of workspace solutions, which facilitate better collaboration, nurture stronger teams, and enhance the organisational culture. Everything comes together in Central, our flagship which includes a restaurant and roof terrace, both of which are at the disposal of Sparks customers”, says Jean-Philip Vroninks, CEO at Befimmo.

Location beside Brussels-Central station

The decision to choose Central Station as the location for the first Sparks meeting rooms is strategic. It is one of the few places where people from all over Belgium can easily get together.

Practical information

Sparks will open its doors next April. More information can be found on and via