#socialdisdance corona party gets 55 000 lockdowners dancing

7 May 2020

Many clubbers and each and every one of us have to exercise patience for just a bit longer. Large-scale get-togethers and festivals are still not permitted and are unlikely to be allowed any time soon during summer. But Silversquare and Befimmo have shown that it is still possible to have a party: they continue to make the roof-top terrace of the iconic Central Gate building in Brussels available for corona parties. Parties that can be followed via livestream of course. Dance collectives Fancy Footwork and Curfew provide the summery beat. While the DJs are gearing up for the second edition this weekend, the organisers have announced that there were as many as 55 000 people who followed the first livestream last weekend.

First livestreams a great success

Last weekend clearly showed that people are fed up just sitting around. The first two livestreams on the roof of the Central Gate building inspired more than 55 000 dance fans to get up and go. On Friday evening we were treated to a live performance of LXNGTN meets Fares while a beautiful Sunday evening ended with the rhythm of the setting sun and the tunes of Concierge d’Amour. The livestreams were broadcast on the Facebook pages of Visit Brussels, Silversquare,  Fancy Footwork, and others.

Well-known DJ getting his act together for the coming weekend

The weekend ahead also promises to be super cool and funky in the Belgian capital. No-one less than DJ Raoul, an institution on the Belgian party scene and for years the presenter of Studio Brussels' Switch programme, will treat the people of Brussels and all Belgians to a thumping summer party. 

“We wanted the people of Brussels to be able to also fully enjoy the city's unique locations. This soon led us to Befimmo and Silversquare. The roof top we are using for a total of three DJ sets is unique because it offers a panoramic view over the whole lower town. We want everyone to join us here again!", says Thibault Viaene of the Fancy Footwork party collective.

Not just video and audio

“With the rooftop DJ sets, we literally offer people a perspective. These are difficult times in which we all desperately long for an outlet. We did not doubt for a second whether to join up with this virtual lockdown party. Silversquare is well known for its support to creative talent, as is clear from its collaboration with creative performers such as Lionel Jadot, KRSJT and Lady Jane who each make a unique contribution through our coworking spaces. Our Silversquare community heart beats faster at such initiatives, and more than 55 000 people danced along with us. "What a success!" was the reaction of a beaming Alexandre Ponchon, Silversquare's co-founder.

“It's true, we didn't need to think it over even for a second! We will give the people of Brussels (and, who knows, other Belgians too), from their home, a chance to enjoy the music and the panoramic view of Brussels from our roof top", adds Caroline Kerremans, Head of IR & Communication at Befimmo.  

Double celebration for Silversquare

Silversquare has a double reason to party in these turbulent times. Beneath the rooftop of the Central Gate building, a new top-of-the-bill coworking spot is opening in January next year! After Silversquare Bailli, due to open its doors later this year, it will be the eighth coworking spot in Brussels. This time we are working with a renowned design collective, but its name will be kept secret for the time being. 

The DJ sets will be broadcast via the following links: