Silversquare opens its ninth coworking space in Quatuor in Brussels

28 April 2022
Lucky number nine! There’s no stopping Silversquare, which is opening yet another new coworking space in Brussels: Silversquare North.

As the name indicates, this time it´s in the North District of Brussels that Belgium’s coworking pioneer is taking up quarters, more specifically in Befimmo’s Quatuor complex. With its 8,000 m², Silversquare North will be the largest coworking space in the capital. It is spread over four floors and offers no fewer than 800 workstations. The interior is inspired by a fairy tale written and illustrated by the artist Lous and the Yakuza. Visitors will marvel at the immense forest of mushrooms, the patio garden and the gallery of drawings.


After Lionel Jadot, Lady Jane, KRJST Studio, MANIERA…, it´s the turn of Lous and the Yakuza to give free rein to her imagination in a Silversquare coworking space. The rising star today makes an incursion into the wonderful world of interior decoration and design. She conceived and created the interior of Silversquare North in collaboration with Silversquare’s architects.

“I’m fascinated by fashion, eccentric interiors and fairy tales”, confides Lous. “The interior of Silversquare North is inspired by a fairy tale that I wrote and illustrated myself. The forest of mushrooms, created by the team of Tomorrowland, plays a key role and will occupy a central place in the coworking. The castle of Acirfa, with its sculpture garden and its bird cage, will plunge visitors into an unreal world that will make them forget the day-to-day business routine. That’s why I continue to read fairy tales and stories every day, to feed my creativity and stay in touch with the child slumbering inside me.”


Since its creation, Silversquare has worked to create unique coworking places and concepts. “We are entrepreneurs at the service of entrepreneurs. We believe in the power of inspiring environments that stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. With Lous and the Yakuza, we are continuing our adventure by attracting local talents and supporting them in their creative flights of fancy”, explain Axel Kuborn and Alexandre Ponchon, the founders of Silversquare.


The Quatuor complex is composed of four buildings connected with one another by a vast inner garden, open to the public and designed as an oasis of greenery and tranquillity. Offering 60,000 m² of work environments, the project was designed to be passive and to meet the highest standards for innovation and environmental performances. In addition to Silversquare, Quatuor will also welcome numerous other businesses. This is a multifunctional complex housing stores, restaurants, a bank, a fitness centre, changing rooms with showers and lockers.

Jean-Philip Vroninks, CEO of Befimmo: “Quatuor fits today’s hybrid work world to a T. It offers a global solution with a combination of offices, dynamic Silversquare coworking spaces and a range of services. A building like Quatuor contributes to our ambition of becoming a unique place fulfilling all of our users’ needs”.

Quatuor is located on the north side of Brussels and is easily accessible by public transport. With Tour & Taxis, Kaaitheater, Kanal - Centre Pompidou, ZIN and many other projects currently being completed, it is a district that is quickly becoming a new hotspot in Brussels.

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