Just Eat Takeaway.com takes up residence in Quatuor

12 October 2021
It may be just completed, but Quatuor has done it again. This time, Just Eat Takeaway.com has chosen to move there. Better known under the name Takeaway.com, the Belgian subsidiary of the Dutch company, specialising in home meal delivery with online ordering, is rapidly expanding, and therefore needed to choose workspaces capable of supporting this growth. It naturally chose the iconic Quatuor building.

In March 2022, Just Eat Takeaway.com and its employees will move into 5,700 m² in Tower B – The Piano – of Quatuor.

“We were quickly convinced by Quatuor, which constituted the ideal solution, as it meets all our needs. We were looking for a modern building meeting the latest sustainability standards. The objective is also to have flexible workspaces adapted to the new hybrid ways of working. In addition, the location constitutes the last key criterion. Located in the heart of Brussels, Quatuor is well-served by public transport, and so will encourage our employees to make use of soft mobility,” says Siska De Lombaerde, Belgium/Luxembourg Country Manager at Just Eat Takeaway.com.

Befimmo’s Quatuor building continues to attract new tenants, and now has a pre-letting rate of 76%[1]. Just Eat Takeaway.com is thus joining a list of prestigious tenants such as Beobank, Silversquare, Touring and Buy Way Personal Finance.

“The world of work is constantly evolving, and the changing needs of businesses demands an appropriate response. With Quatuor, we believe we are providing this response, this evolution towards mixed working environments centred on collaboration and people. We look forward to seeing Just Eat Takeaway.com occupy its new offices, and we wish them great success in meeting the challenges they encounter in the future,” comments Cédric Mali, Chief Commercial Officer at Befimmo.

About Quatuor

Quatuor is a comprehensive solution including a combination of offices, dynamic coworking spaces managed by Silversquare, a central garden and rooftop terraces on the various interconnected towers, bars and restaurants, a gym and a cultural centre. It’s a dynamic campus where ideas are shared and careers are built. It has been designed with the aim of allowing individuals, teams and businesses to flourish.

Quatuor is located in the north of Brussels and is easily accessible by public transport. With Tours & Taxis, Kaaitheater, Kanal - Centre Pompidou, ZIN and many other projects under development, it’s an area in the process of becoming a new hotspot in Brussels.

Silversquare will open its ninth coworking space in Quatuor. The space will be called Silversquare Kanal and will cover 7,000 m². It has been designed by rising star Lous and the Yakuza, in collaboration with the Befimmo and Silversquare teams.

Quatuor is also at the forefront in terms of sustainability. From the design phase to the construction phase, Befimmo is investing in sustainability. It’s the first building in Belgium to receive the "BREEAM OUTSTANDING" sustainability certification, which takes into account the entire lifecycle of a building, for the design phase. The project also stresses innovation by using advanced technologies. The building will be SMART and will be accompanied by an application for a better user experience.

In short, Quatuor aims to energise teams in a welcoming and inspiring environment, improve collaboration by creating people-centred offices, increase sustainability by aiming for high BREEAM standards, and contribute to the redevelopment of the Northern Quarter of Brussels, a booming area.

About Befimmo

Befimmo is a real-estate investor and operator and a Belgian Real-Estate Investment Trust (SIR-GVV). Focused on office buildings, meeting centres and coworking spaces, our high-quality portfolio is located in Brussels, the main Belgian towns and cities, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is worth about €2.7 billion and comprises 63 office buildings and 8 coworking spaces.

Befimmo aims to create environments where people can work, meet, share and live. We are a facilitator of enterprises, entrepreneurs, and their teams. In partnership with our specialised subsidiary Silversquare, we operate coworking spaces and are jointly developing a Belux network of flexible workspaces. Our goal is to become a one-stop-shop that offers organisations, businesses, entrepreneurs and their teams different office combinations fully in line with their needs and provides the full range of solutions for tomorrow’s hybrid work environment.

As an organisation that is human and responsible, we offer inspiring spaces and related services and facilities, in sustainable buildings. Our three commitments - ‘Provide and Rethink Workspaces’, ‘Transform Cities’ and ‘Be Responsible’ - form the basis of the integrated CSR ambitions summarised in our 2030 Action Plan.


[1] Leases signed and awaiting signature