A building site interacting with its environment through art

3 October 2018
Monumental art installation by artist Arnaud Kool on the site of the Quatuor project, in the heart of the Brussels North area

For the past few days, the artist Arnaud Kool, a painter and illustrator from Brussels, has begun a monumental art installation on the hoarding surrounding the site of the Quatuor project (located at the junction of Boulevard Baudouin and Boulevard Albert II) right in the heart of the North area of Brussels.

This is the start of a day-to-day operation that will take place over more than a month to create a unique and inspiring work for the entire neighbourhood. 

A positive approach in the heart of an evolving neighbourhood

Evolving and immersive, the work of artist Arnaud Kool is an invitation to exchange and pass on stories.

Arnaud Kool will be there every day, taking the pulse of the neighbourhood, listening to the hearts of the inhabitants and passers-by, and offering his daydreams in images. His work is a bright and vivid vision of the city of today and tomorrow. The project represents the integration of a building site and a future building in the city, through faces and landscapes dreamed up in an abstract and colourful universe.

Working for more than 20 years on the graffiti scene, Arnaud Kool decided to share his sensitivity and his visions in an accessible and visible project right in the street. He wants to arouse the curiosity of the residents and passers-by of the North area to discuss the future of the neighbourhood, draw visions and tell stories in the fresco.

"The North area is evolving, and it’s a great pleasure, an honour even, to have this opportunity to contribute by adding colour and exchanging ideas with the inhabitants.", explains Arnaud Kool.

A “carte blanche” project supported by Befimmo

This art project is an initiative of Befimmo, a company committed to revitalising and the constant evolution of the North area, notably through the UP4NORTH association.

As part of its project to build the Quatuor building, Befimmo offers a “carte blanche” project to four artists from various disciplines to create an art installation on the hoarding of its building site.

The hoarding will be in place for two years and - at more than 120 metres in length - is a rare opportunity to open a positive dialogue with the neighbourhood through art projects. Arnaud Kool’s work will be on display in the city for a 4 to 6 months, after which another artist will take over the space.

Stay tuned, in the coming months the next artist will be announced!

Check out the video hereunder: