Befimmo, partner of the Smart Cities Chair

17 April 2019
Befimmo sets great store by integrating its buildings in the neighbourhoods and towns where they are located.

Every building is part of a community and a particular environment. Befimmo therefore attaches very great importance to harmoniously integrating each building in the quarters and towns where they are located both in terms of its architecture and the shared services offered as well as the activities taking place there.  This is the very reason why this aspect is one of our six strategic axes.

With a view to digitalisation and in accordance with our desire to offer optimum services to our users, both inside and outside our buildings, Befimmo has joined the Smart Cities Chair of the VUB Free University of Brussels since the beginning of 2019.

For a period of three years, Befimmo will, as the sole real estate partner, take part in brainstorming about the general concept of smart cities and the conduct of various trials with the ultimate aim of enhancing the quality of life of the users (visitors, commuters, local residents, etc.).   

Under the impetus of the Brussels by Us programme organised the Brussels Region information centre (CIRB) and in collaboration with Bianca Debaets, Brussels state secretary for digital transition, three areas have been selected (including Quartier Nord) where workshops will be set up from next May in order to determine together with the local residents of these quarters what are the main challenges as regards (smart) mobility, safety and sustainability.   

The photo below was taken at the Smart Cities Chair workshop at Triomphe on 7 March.