Befimmo Action plan

6 August 2020

At Befimmo we believe the engine of innovation is the team! It is therefore of essential importance for the future to involve the entire team in the various innovation processes.

Since 2017 Befimmo and its team have been working on developing a step-by-step plan in which Corporate Social Responsibility forms an integral part within its strategy. Befimmo has fully integrated the principles of Social Responsibility in its strategy by anticipating economic, societal and environmental evolutions. Within this step-by-step plan, the focus was also on Befimmo's action plan in which actions and KPI’s are determined annually with the aim of attaining them through a joint effort of the members of the team. Our action plan was also reviewed and optimised in 2019.

In order to integrate the entire Befimmo team within this action plan, various meetings and workshops were planned over the year with all departments. Following these sessions, new KPI’S were introduced and some existing indicators were maintained or updated. These different KPI’s are linked to the Company's six strategic axes ( They ensure that our activities and initiatives are structured within a clear strategic framework, enabling us to focus our actions on the most relevant challenges. Various CSR standards (such as Sustainable Development Goals, GRI or EPRA) are used as a reference framework for the action plan.

The action plan is a perfect example of a collaborative transversal project that involves the entire Befimmo team. The main target is to achieve, as a team, all objectives related to the KPI’s.

Curious about our action plan? Don't hesitate, consult it here.