ACT OF LOVE: artistic manifesto on the Quatuor site in the heart of the North Quarter in Brussels

23 November 2020

A building site interacting with its environment through art:

new monumental work by Bold

Brussels, 23th November 2020 - For the third part of the artistic project of the Quatuor project, Befimmo invites the duo Bold to express themselves on the palisade of the building site of the future building through a monumental installation accessible to the public from 23 November 2020.

Act of Love : a manifesto for love

"It seemed important to us today to share a manifesto that challenges everyone through an invitation to awaken and express the love that each of us carries within us", says the duo Bold, whose artistic installation allows us to see ourselves directly in the work thanks to a system of mirrored backgrounds.

With this installation, located along the Boudewijnlaan, "we want to question our individual role as a positive and responsible vector for the transmission of love in everyday life", adds the duo.

The work is also intended as a complex technical achievement, as it consists of mirror panels to which geometrically placed colour lines are applied, complemented by relief protrusions to give a complementary dynamic to the installation.

"This work opens an emotional dialogue between the Quatuor and the people that meets in and around the building. The universal symbol of the heart and the graphic construction of the work aims to appeal directly to every passer-by in the street. It is an area of expression that we know and love because of our experiences and references," says Bold.


A carte blanche on the initiative of Befimmo

This project is an initiative of Befimmo, an important real estate player committed to the re-dynamisation and constant evolution of the North Quarter in Brussels, in particular through the association UP4NORTH.

"This strong, positive and directly accessible message created by Bold reflects our social commitment", says Caroline Kerremans, Befimmo's Communication manager.

"Today, more than ever, our priority is not only to create exemplary building sites, but also to provide quality living and working spaces that stand out through responsible design and encourage dialogue and interaction," adds Caroline Kerremans.


A work signed by the Brussels duo Bold

Bold is a Brussels-based design studio founded in 2010 by Olivier Gillard and Vincent Losson. Their visual language is based on their knowledge of art history and pop culture, and on their commitment to design excellence.

Over the past decade, the duo have had the opportunity to collaborate with internationally renowned artists such as Stromae, Angèle, Herbert Grönemeyer and Lous And The Yakuza, to name just a few. They also work closely with the creative brand Mosaert.

The duo was artistic director of numerous restaurants and bars and developed the scenography for the Keith Haring exhibition in Bozar.


Quatuor: 3rd episode of an artistic project started in 2018

Befimmo, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in November 2020, has taken the initiative to accompany the implementation of the Quatuor's construction site with artistic projects from the very first stages of construction.

The installations previously created by the artists Arnaud Kool (September 2018 - March 2019) and Céleste Gangolphe (April - September 2020) were well received. These ephemeral works offered to the general public contributed to the dialogue and approach of the project.

In addition to the palisade, another well-known Brussels artist will join the Quatuor's project by receiving carte blanche to decorate the coworking space, Silversquare Kanal. To give you a hint: this artist is no stranger to Bold either. More information will follow soon...

The Quatuor building is a ±60,000 m² complex, strategically located in the North Quarter in Brussels, overlooking the city centre, close to the metro and the North Station. In addition to office space (currently 49% pre-let), the Quatuor will also house “Silversquare Kanal”, a 7,000 m² coworking area. In addition, it will offer a wide variety of services to residents, including shops, restaurants, a bank office, a sports hall, showers and lockers, underground parking, 1/3 of which will be reserved for electric cars.

The Quatuor will welcome its first tenants in the second half of 2021. Silversquare will open the doors of its new coworking area at the beginning of 2022.