Dividend policy

As a Belgian REIT, Befimmo has the obligation to distribute a dividend at a minimum of 80% of the “results”.

The assumptions used for making forecasts indicate that, at constant perimeter, EPRA earnings of about €3.36 per share should be achieved in the 2019 fiscal year.

All other things being equal and based on these forecasts, Befimmo foresees a gross dividend of €3.45 per share* for the 2019 fiscal year. It may again be paid via an interim dividend of €2.59 gross per share in December 2019 and a final dividend of €0.86 gross per share in May 2020. Based on a share price of €48.55 and based on the net asset value of €56.42 as at 31 December 2018, this dividend would give a gross yield of 7.11% on share price and 6.11% on net asset value.

The dividend in subsequent years will depend on the economic climate, the investment opportunities that the Company takes, and its degree of success in implementing projects as well as in the development of the coworking activity, while continuing to benefit from a stable income, thanks to the defensive nature of its property assets. 

*Subject to a decision of Ordinary General Meeting


As a reminder, the agenda of the Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders to be held on 30 April 2019, at which the accounts for the 2018 fiscal year are to be approved, will include a proposal for the distribution of a final dividend of
€0.86 gross per share.

This final dividend will supplement the interim dividend, bringing the total dividend for the fiscal year 2018 to €3.45 gross per share.

For more informaion on the future dividends, please see the Message of the Chairman and the CEO on page 15 of the 2018 Annual Financial Report. 


The Company’s financial service is provided by ING Belgium.

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Gross Dividend/Share €3.45 €3.45 €3.45
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