Befimmo brings together many players at the different stages of a building’s life cycle.

Conducting a constant and proactive dialogue with them ensures that the Company keeps in step with the expectations of its stakeholders and a constantly changing society. Alongside electronic channels, we give preference to direct face-to-face contacts because they strengthen human bonds and allow qualitative exchanges that transcend figures and surveys.

Dialogue and listening are the best ways for Befimmo to move forward in a positive societal direction. This approach is used in a cross-cutting way to innovate on the various strategic areas, namely integration in the city, the changing world of work, mobility and setting an example.

Befimmo's whole Social Responsibility approach is underpinned by dialogue to ensure that it is accurate and relevant.


Befimmo's objective is to continually improve the regular dialogue with all its stakeholders, enhancing the communication tools by adapting them to each stakeholder and giving preference to human contacts.