On the basis of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the entire Befimmo team has been organised to act on the most important societal issues in our line of business, and has defined its strategic priorities. This approach incorporates a thrust for innovation that can anticipates the needs and expectations of our tenants.

Benoît De Blieck, CEO

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Supply chain

Befimmo has integrated the principles of Social Responsibility into its strategy and day-to-day operations, as described in its CSR policy.

Befimmo is determined to further integrate the CSR approach into its supply chain, suppliers being an integral part of it. Therefore, a Sustainable Procurement Charter has been drafted and transmitted to its suppliers to clearly communicate the commitments the Company expects from them. Each supplier is invited to read and accept the charter.

Charter Responsible Procurement

Its supply chain is influenced by:

  • the inflows of construction and office material. The impact of the flow is controlled by environmental and societal criteria integrated in the quality matrix. This internal reference document contains Befimmo’s minimum technical requirements;
  • the outflows of used material and waste. The aim is to inject circular-economy principles into its real-estate projects, so that waste is considered as a resource.

For more information, consult the sheet Use of resources