Mission & vision

Our mission

Our mission is to invest in, develop & operate green work and life ecosystems in growth cities while creating value for our stakeholders.

Our buildings are user-centric, high-quality, ideally located, sustainable, mixed-use and respond to the highest standards in terms of performance and flexibility.

We aim to provide “workspace-as-a service” to our users, through a wide range of solutions.

The way we work and live is changing. We aim to accompany this change and offer our users an unrivalled client-experience.

Our vision

Befimmo aims to create, build & animate thriving Work & Life communities for a sustainable future.

Our ambition is to create and operate high-quality, mixed-use projects in growing economic, academic and research hubs in BeLux.

We want to accompany our clients throughout their real estate journey, offering them an ultimate experience, as a one-stop-shop they can entrust with all their workspace needs and expectations.

We envision places where all users can enjoy a pleasant, safe and connected work experience, with a focus on hospitality as a booster of inspiration, well-being and productivity.

Befimmo’s priority of creating value is about offering integrated hybrid, sustainable work & life solutions answering to the major trends shaping today, the world of tomorrow. ESG criteria have become a natural extension to this strategy and drives us towards innovation.