Dividend policy

As a Belgian REIT, Befimmo has the obligation to distribute a dividend at a minimum of 80% of the “results”.

Unless other factors intervene, and at this stage of the fiscal year, the Board of Directors confirms the dividend forecast for the fiscal year (€3.45 gross per share). It considers to distribute an interim dividend for the fiscal year, as from Thursday 21 December 2017. This interim payment should amount to €2.59 gross per share, while the decision to declare a final dividend of €0.86 gross per share for the 2017 fiscal year could be placed on the agenda of the Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders to approve the accounts at 31 December 2017, to be held on 24 April 2018.

The Company’s financial service is provided by ING Belgium
Contact information: ING Belgium Cours St Michel 60 - 1040 Brussels

  2015 2016 Outlook 2017
Gross dividend/share €3.45 €3.45 €3.45
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