In 20 years working methods have evolved. Today, more than ever before, Befimmo pays particular attention to satisfying the occupants and users of its property portfolio. It endeavours to retain its tenants by providing quality spaces in good locations, that are flexible, and perform well in terms of environmental management, use of space, security, costs and accessibility. However, while it is still indispensable to offer quality space, nowadays this is no longer enough. Befimmo now needs to take its relationship with its tenants to a new level by offering them a broader range of integrated services that give them a better user experience, developing a comprehensive and proactive approach that it will deliver through multidisciplinary skills of its team.

Befimmo proactively manages the relationship with its tenants; the commercial team builds a relationship of trust with them through regular dialogue. By building this trust, Befimmo endeavours to secure the loyalty of its tenants and maintain a high occupancy rate in its portfolio. It has a team of motivated and multidisciplinary professionals (salespeople, technicians, specialist engineers, managers, etc.), reporting to Chief Operating Officer (COO), whose objective is to further strengthen the tenant-oriented approach. Tenants’ satisfaction, the working environment, dialogue between the landlord and tenant and their security and health are priorities for Befimmo and are essential in the eyes of all its stakeholders. Accordingly, Befimmo has put specific measures in place which it plans to further develop and improve over the months and years ahead.


Offer tenants quality buildings that are flexible and suited to their way of working, and thus meet their expectations.


Maintain a regular dialogue with tenants (existing and prospective).

Health & Safety

Accountability for the health and safety of tenants.



  • Property Management: The team of property managers is responsible for the building operations and the technical maintenance of the buildings of the portfolio. It manages the buildings while improving tenants’ satisfaction and comfort and developing a regular and transparent relationship with them with a view to better meeting their expectations. 
  • Space Planning & Project Management: The team provides turnkey solutions by assisting current and prospective tenants with the design and construction of their real-estate projects.
  • Environmental Support: The environmental team specialises in energy management and environment. Its main role is to improve the performance of the portfolio and to support and educate tenants, in particular to reduce their energy consumption and waste production.
  • Facility Management: Befimmo is studying and plans to develop a new facility-management service, offering occupants a range of services, notably caretaking, security, cleaning, technical maintenance of private areas and ordering of various supplies, to make their everyday lives easier.

Our main targets:

  • Raise awareness among tenants regarding CSR themes
  • Adapt to changing corporate working methods
  • Facilitate the everyday lives of its tenants.
  • Join tenants in their search for solutions to cut their energy consumption
  • Develop a customer-oriented approach
  • Ensure the safety of its tenants in the buildings, with a focus on construction sites in occupied buildings
  • Ensure good air quality in the buildings in the portfolio
  • Use good quality and durable materials