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The involvement of the Befimmo team in Social Responsibility is crucial to the success of its global strategy. As well as the staff’s day-to-day contribution, their awareness of and participation in conceptual work are essential element sfor achieving the objectives set. By providing a pleasant working environment, Befimmo helps to stimulate creativity and motivation in the team and enhances its commitment to the Company.

One person in the human resources department is responsible, in cooperation with the CSR Manager, for raising awareness of CSR topics throughout the team, dealing with the follow-up of initiatives introduced and continuing to develop the strong corporate culture that exists within Befimmo.

Three core values have been identified through various surveys of Befimmo’s team and Board of Directors. These values, that are an integral part of Befimmo’s identity, are Commitment, Team spirit and Professionalism.

The main priorities identified in consultation with stakeholders related to this topic are well-being, ethics and dialogue.


Work/life balance, staff health and safety, working environment and atmosphere.


Ethical practices in human resource management and recruitment.


Maintaining a regular dialogue with the team.

Befimmo's founding values

    • Professionalism

    • The strict discipline applied when doing business.

    • Commitment

    • The high level of involvement of the team in the Company and its business, its sense of responsibility and its strong ties to the Company.

    • Team spirit

    • The cooperation and mutual support between the various team members around a common project.

Our main targets:

  • Ensure well-being and commitment within the team
  • Continue to develop the strong corporate culture that exists within Befimmo
  • Raise staff awareness regarding CSR themes
  • Continue philanthropic activities by supporting Comité B+ initiatives
  • Develop staff skills and training
  • To improve internal communication, facilitate in-house relations and the transmission of information, and stimulate staff creativity and participation
  • Ensure fair treatment of its employees
  • Implement the values identified within the team throughout the business

Training hours (excluding language courses) broken down according to the three pillars and by category (2016)


Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees by gender

As at 31 December 2016

Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees by age

As at 31 December 2016