In view of the scale of it real-estate business, the main focus of Befimmo’s Social Responsibility is on the environment.

Befimmo is aware that the value of a building is no longer measured solely in terms of its intrinsic value but also of other criteria related to sustainable development. The external stakeholders have also broadly confirmed that this topic is the most important overall and want to see shortterm action by Befimmo on the priorities related to the topic: energy, pollution, mobility and certification.

The implementation, monitoring and control of specific measures related to the environment are managed primarily by the Environmental Technical Team (ETT) composed of 5 experienced people, which reports directly to the Social Responsibility team.


Energy consumption (oil, gas, heating network and electricity) production of renewable energy and water consumption by tenants and corporate activities.


Greenhouse gas emissions (carbon equivalent) and waste management.


Accessibility of buildings and business and private travel policy.


Audit of the management of the business’s environmental impact (methodology, communication, transparency) by an external certification body.

Key figures

  • -34 % Electricity (2008-2016)

  • -33 % Gas (2008-2016)

  • -66 % CO2 emissions (2008-2016)

  • 3,837 Solar panels

Our main targets:

  • Without renewing or extending the target it set itself previously, while maintaining its commitment to continue actively improving the environmental performance of its buildings, in 2017 Befimmo will begin a comprehensive study on the redefinition of new long-term targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (in accordance with the recommendations of IPCC scientists), thus making its contribution to limiting the global rise in average temperatures to below 2°C, in line with the decision of COP21.
  • In 2017, Befimmo will monitor the electricity consumption of the private areas in its new space to check the effectiveness of some new measures (LED lighting, outsourcing part of IT infrastructure, etc.) taken when its corporate space was renovated. 
  • In view of ongoing and planned renovation and construction, the total area of solar panels will be further increased in line with progress on worksites.
  • In 2017, Befimmo will continue optimising costs and waste treatment through the external consultant, keeping the target of recycling 65% of waste set in 2016. Furthermore, for six buildings with semi-underground waste management systems in which the recycling rate should be improved, Befimmo will expand the scope of action of the current service provider to 38% of the area of the Befimmo portfolio. To motivate the provider to improve its performance, Befimmo will return the portion of the cost of incinerating non-recycled waste that exceeds the recycling rate of 50% required by the contract. Finally, the system for processing waste-related information will be improved in order to make it more traceable. 
  • Befimmo intends to pursue its policy of awareness-raising in the team. It aims to develop a mobility plan to encourage sustainable mobility (use of carpooling, public transport or, for the more energetic, cycling, etc.).
  • Befimmo is now ready and convinced of the advantages of supplementing and enhancing its environmental management system using an effective and credible energy-management tool. From 2017, it will adapt and develop its existing procedures in accordance with the structure of ISO 50001.

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