In view of the scale of it real-estate business, the main focus of Befimmo’s Social Responsibility is on the environment.

Befimmo is aware that the value of a building is no longer measured solely in terms of its intrinsic value but also of other criteria related to sustainable development. The external stakeholders have also broadly confirmed that this topic is the most important overall and want to see shortterm action by Befimmo on the priorities related to the topic: energy, pollution, mobility and certification.

The implementation, monitoring and control of specific measures related to the environment are managed primarily by the Environmental Technical Team (ETT) composed of 5 experienced people, which reports directly to the Social Responsibility team.


Energy consumption (gas, heating oil and electricity) and water consumption of tenants and corporate activities.


Greenhouse gas emissions (carbon equivalent) and waste management.


Accessibility of buildings and business and private travel policy


Audit of the management of the business’s environmental impact (methodology, communication, transparency) by an external certification body.

Key figures

  • -30 % Electricity (2008-2015)

  • -23 % Gas (2008-2015)

  • -64 % CO2 emissions

  • +3,760 Solar panels

Our main quantitative targets:

  • Cut specific electricity consumption (kWh/m2) of common areas in the Befimmo portfolio by -2,5% a year during 3 years, or a total cut of -7.5% (kWh/m²) by the end of 2016
  • Cut specific electricity consumption (kWh/m2) in private areas by -1% a year during 3 years, or -3.0% by the end of 2016
  • Cut the specific electricity consumption of surfaces (kWh/m2) in private individual areas from tenants in the portfolio by 5% over one year
  • Increase the overall percentage of green energy used in the Befimmo portfolio from 94% to 97%.
  • Cut specific normalised gas consumption (kWh/m2) in the Befimmo portfolio by -3% a year during 3 years, or -9.0% by the end of 2016
  • Water recovery (m³) of covering 2% of water requirements of the Befimmo portfolio by the end of 2017, in relation to the reference period of 2014
  • Self-generation of renewable energy - cover 2% of the electricity needs of common areas in the Befimmo portfolio by the end of 2017

Breeam IN-USE MANAGEMENT | Befimmo & Fedimmo portfolio

Renewable energy production [kWh/m²]