Befimmo has integrated the principles of Social Responsibility into its strategy and day-to-day operations, anticipating economic, societal and environmental developments. Over the years it has built a strategy of Social Responsibility based on the topics of importance to Befimmo and its stakeholders.

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Our stakeholders

With the aim of continuously improving our position as a responsible business and landlord, we have initiated a process of dialogue with all our stakeholders.

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Benoît De Blieck, CEO

Our priorities

Befimmo has identified 14 environmental, economic and social priorities. These were grouped into 4 main pillars: Environment, Team, Tenants and Governance.

The response to these priorities is reflected in specific commitments and measures, and quantifiable and measurable long-term objectives described hereafter, and also in more detail in the CSR Action Plan, prepared in cooperation with the management and its team.

Materiality matrix


matrice de matérialité

Materiality Matrix

In a process of continuous improvement of its Social Responsibility policy, Befimmo carried out a materiality study and in 2013 embarked on a process of continuous dialogue with all its internal and external stakeholders.

This materiality matrix, the detailed methodology of which is described on its website, has enabled Befimmo (i) to identify and organise its environmental, economic and social priorities, taking account of their importance to Befimmo and to its stakeholders, (ii) to fine-tune its Social Responsibility strategy and (iii) to focus on its action on priority topics. Befimmo is now working on the priority issues identified in the matrix (shown left) without neglecting other topics assigned a lower priority in the short term, which will be analysed and implemented in the medium and/or long term.

The matrix will be reviewed in depth at the end of 2016 as part of the transition from the 2004 version of ISO14001 to the 2015 version.

Please consult the commentary on the materiality matrix (extract of Annual Financial Report 2014)

CSR at Befimmo


  • GRI Global Reporting Initiative

  • EPRA SBPR GOLD Sustainability reporting

  • GRESB Green Star 2016

  • CDP Leadership

  • The way to responsible investment

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