1. Proactive portfolio management

    Befimmo proactively manages the relationship with its tenants; the commercial team builds a relationship of trust with them through regular dialogue. Tenant satisfaction is a priority, and Befimmo strives to equip its buildings to that end. Befimmo’s control of the property management business enables it to strengthen the relationship with its tenants, further enhancing their comfort through proximity management. Within the framework of the changing working methods and to best meet the expectations of its tenants, the Befimmo space planning and project management team offers “turnkey” solutions by assisting current and prospective tenants with their real-estate projects. To complement this, Befimmo has developed an environmental support service to raise awareness of tenants in their efforts to reduce energy consumption. Befimmo is also developing a facility management service, offering occupants a range of services, particularly in terms of caretaking, security, cleaning, etc. to facilitate their everyday lives. The Befimmo technical team also has the necessary skills and expertise for the construction of new buildings and the renovation of existing buildings. The continuous improvements made to the portfolio demonstrate its proactive attitude in environmental matters.

  2. Profitable growth

    Befimmo’s investment activity is guided by the search for sustainable value creation. In line with its Social Responsibility policy, the Company takes an interest in real-estate projects that meet specific and well-studied investment criteria.


Befimmo arranges financing sources best suited to carry out its strategy. It arranges the necessary finance in due time, seeking a balance between cost, duration and diversification of its financing sources. It considers that an LTV ratio of around 50% is in line with its "risk-averse" profile in an office market that is fundamentally quite stable. In order to protect its result and EPRA earnings from a rapid rise in interest rates above certain thresholds, Befimmo has put in place a hedging policy.

Since 2008, Befimmo has been integrating the principles of Social Responsibility into the core of its strategy and incorporating them into his daily operating methods, whether environmental, economic or social. With the aim of continuously improving its position as a responsible business and landlord, Befimmo conducts a process of regular dialogue with all its stakeholders. Befimmo seeks to strike a balance between the expectations of its stakeholders and the challenges it regularly faces. This has enabled the Company to identify its priority environmental, economic and social challenges. These have been grouped into four pillars: the environment, its team, its tenants and governance. For each of these challenges, Befimmo undertakes to take initiatives that are relevant to both its own interests and the society in which it operates. It responds to these challenges in terms of concrete action and long-term quantifiable and measurable goals, which are detailed in the Social Responsibility Action Plan prepared by the management and the team.